10 Motocross Champions I’m Not Letting Anywhere Near My 3D Puzzle Of The Golden Gate Bridge

Via motocross.transworld.net

Seriously, you guys, stay away.

1. Ronnie Renner


If Ronnie wants to zip around on his motorbike like a madman, that’s his choice. All I ask is that he steer clear of my beautiful 3D Golden Gate Bridge puzzle.

2. Massimo Bianconcini

Via nightofthejumps.com

I’m a purist who doesn’t use glue on puzzles, which means they’re EXTRA vulnerable. Even a little bit of kickback from a tailpipe could leave my Golden Gate Bridge puzzle in ruins.

3. Jarryd McNeil

Via allsports.com

Words cannot express how hard I worked on this puzzle, and I just worry that a motocross rider would get it in their head that they could ride their motorbike on it as if it were the real Golden Gate Bridge.

4. Blake Williams


Here’s the deal, buster: Once you enter my rec room, you’re no longer a motocross champ. You’re a nuisance. Comprende?

5. Laia Sanz

Via formuladeportes.blogspot.com

I’m dead serious. If I hear so much as one motorbike revving in my front yard, I’m going to call the police.

6. Mike Brown

Via examiner.com

You must understand, 3D puzzles take far more skill than your typical 2D tabletop puzzles. This isn’t kid stuff we’re dealing with. And if these motocross riders truly are professionals, I’d hope they’d respect that.

7. Bryce Hudson

Via motocross.transworld.net

This puzzle has 890 pieces, which is about as many harsh words as I would have for Bryce Hudson if he ever touched it with his motorbike.

8. Libor Podmol

Via msfmx.cz

Save it for the X Games, pal. This is puzzle territory, and you and your muddy bike aren’t welcome.

9. Thomas Pagès


Look, if you just saw the level of attention that went into the Golden Gate Bridge puzzle—just the sheer detail and perfection—you’d never dream of doing one of your tricks anywhere near my rec room.

10. Nate Adams


I will not be a victim and neither will my puzzle. Buzz off, Nate!

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