10 Neat Things You Can Keep Inside An Old Cigar Box

Cigar boxes are real great, because they can hold a whole mess of treasures and they got cool pictures of Indians and kings on ’em. Here are 10 neat things that fit into an old cigar box.

1. Baseball Cards

Via metshotcorner.com

Let’s get the obvious one out of the way. You’re gonna keep your rookie cards of Smashin’ Jack Thompson, Gallopin’ Mick Smasher, and Lightnin’ Jimbo Kelly in your cigar box.

2. Jacks


A cigar box is a great place to keep your jacks and the bouncy ball you use to play jacks!

3. Train-Flattened Quarters

Via capecentralhigh.com

These touched a real train! Keep ’em in the cigar box.

4. Whistle


When you’re done running in a circle blowing on a whistle for three hours, keep it in the cigar box, and hide the cigar box in a bush or under a chifferobe.

5. Arrowheads


Until you sell the arrowheads you found to a museum for a hundred dollars, they are right at home in your cigar box.

6. Moss


After you pretend you are a wizard or Santa Claus’ boss, keep your beard moss in the cigar box.

7. Berries


You found these while walking through Fowler’s Hollow. You filled up a whole backpack with them. They are as sweet and fragile as your fleeting childhood since you started to notice girls. Keep them in the cigar box a while longer.

8. Boy’s Hat


You don’t want to lose your Boy’s Hat. What else are you gonna wear when you play dirt ball in the weed field behind the tractor parts factory?

9. The Watch You Bought For When Dad Comes Back


You saved up a long time for that watch! Better keep it safe!

10. Old Band-Aids


Sick! Keep ’em to gross out Glen, Tommy, and the rest of the gang!

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