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10 Sunscreen Spots You Always Miss

Ouch! We all know sunburns are the worst. Try as you might to apply the highest SPF sunscreen possible, here are a few spots you know you’ll miss next time you’re at the beach.

1. Bottoms of shoes


Even the most careful beachgoers neglect to consider the bottoms of their shoes when applying sunscreen.

2. Top of umbrella

This vulnerable patch gets a ton of direct UV exposure, and yet it’s ALWAYS overlooked when it comes to sunscreen.

3. Back of throat


Sure, your teeth and lips give you a little shade, but there’s just no substitute for a generous layer of zinc oxide applied all along the inside of your throat.

4. Car tire


Your car’s tires get sunburnt just as easily as, if not easier than, the hood and roof. It’s not good enough just to cover the rubber either—always get in and around the hubcaps for maximum protection.

5. Sandcastle


It happens all the time: You remember to reapply sunscreen after a couple hours, but you’re so busy thinking about getting your arms and belly that your sandcastle doesn’t get a drop!

6. The ocean


Never assume that the water is immune to UV radiation. To the contrary, the refracted rays can be even more powerful! Coat each wave in lotion as it crashes to shore.

7. A rattlesnake’s tongue

Flickr via C.A.Taylor

If you can’t reach, try to ask a friend to rub sunscreen on a rattlesnake’s tongue. You’ll thank them later!

8. Tom Morello


Who hasn’t spent a summer day peeling dead skin off former Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello? Well next time, remember to reapply sunscreen every hour or so.

9. Archie Bunker’s chair


Yup. We’ve all been there. You wake up on the beach and realize that you TOTALLY forgot to put sunscreen on the iconic All In The Family set piece!

10. UDF 2457 


This red dwarf star in the Fornax constellation is small, far away, and a major pain to protect from UV radiation! Unless you’re double-jointed, don’t even bother stretching to reach this little guy.  

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