10 Things People Who Grew Up With A Jewish Mother Know To Be True

Some of these things might feel a little too familiar!

1. Your mom would constantly throw around random Yiddish words like “Chuck Knoblauch” and “ambulance.”


2. You were frequently reminded that when you grew up you were supposed to marry someone from the Old Testament.

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3. You heard the same two questions every day: “Are you eating enough?” and “Why are clouds?”

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4. She would always pack you a thermos of Jewish Tang when you went to sleepovers so you wouldn’t feel left out.

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5. You could always rely on your mom’s tremendous molars to gnaw a walnut open.

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6. Every time you went swimming, she was standing right there to scream, “This is not a baptism!”

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7. She used the words “chair” and “seat” basically interchangeably.

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8. Instead of growing up with Santa Claus, you learned the story of Ham Sam, the sinister talking pig who shaves off his own bacon and tricks Jews into eating it.

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9. She always knew exactly how and where and when all the neighbors would die.

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10. To strangers she was Jewish Mother, but to you she’ll always be Jew Mom.

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