We all know science is awesome, but here are 20 incredible facts you probably weren’t aware of. WARNING: Don’t read unless you’re ready to have your mind blown!

1. When stretched from end to end, the human small intestine could wrap around the earth three times.


2. The surface of the sun is so hot you would need good shoes to walk on it.

3. At least three of your bones died while you were reading this sentence, and 14 new ones will grow by the time you finish this article.

4. When you look at a grain of sand through a microscope, it looks like this:

Via wiezyca.pl


5. If every person held hands and stood in a straight line around the Equator, it would probably be a good bonding experience.

6. There are over 30 plants.

7. People in China are just now watching the Apollo landings in real time.

8. If you were to drain all of the water from the ocean, the ocean floor would look like this:

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9. Count up the members of Led Zeppelin, Tower of Power, Fairport Convention, the Beatles, Sly and the Family Stone, Simon and Garfunkel, and Arcade Fire. That’s about how many atoms there are in our galaxy alone.

10. In 1980, a clam was equal to five lobsters. Today, a clam is nearly 30 lobsters.

11. The knight is the only known chess piece that is able to jump over other pieces.


12. This is what a neuron firing looks like in real time:

Via ffffound.com

13. Earth is the only planet that has live coyotes, but fossilized coyote skeletons can be found on every planet in the solar system.


14. If you shot a carbon atom with a gun, it would get a little bit dazed, but after that it would just go about its day.

15. The average human heart continuously beats the names of the original 151 Pokemon in Morse code from the moment you are born until the moment you die.

16. When dogs look at a television, they only see this:

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17. If you put all your teeth in a jar, and then shot that jar into space at the speed of light, it would take 25,000 years just for your teeth to reach the closest galaxy to the Milky Way.

18. If earth were the size of a basketball, LeBron James would probably dunk it, killing us all.

19. Horses are technically planets.

20. Nothing can escape from a black hole, not even Bruce.

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