Think sleep is boring? Think again.

1. Humans thrash in their sleep, on average, 46.3 miles over the course of a year.

2. Without enough sleep, the body will begin cannibalizing cherished memories for fuel.

3. There are four stages of sleep: pre-sleep, Igor’s Dusk, puberty, and the Hour of Constant Vibration.

4. It is impossible to sleep with a hat on.

5. Humans can develop the ability to fall asleep by as early as 7 years old.

6. Approximately 22 percent of people occasionally wake up with a gun in their hand, and this is perfectly natural and healthy.


7. This is what is happening between your synapses during the REM stage of sleep, magnified 1000x by an electron microscope:


8. Warren G. Harding is the only U.S. president never to appear in a dream.

9. If you sleep for more than 9 hours, you win a car.

10. “Cosleeping” is when a mother sleeps in the same bed as her newborn in order to endanger its life.


11. Elephants are asleep.

12. Between 7 percent and 10 percent of the population experiences this right before falling asleep:



13. The crust that forms at the corners of eyes during sleep has been used throughout history to poison hummingbirds.

14. Scientists still debate the definition of sleep, but all agree it involves saying “goodnight” and blowing out a candle.

15. Most Americans are asleep when it comes to our country’s hypocritical support of totalitarian regimes.


16. This is Ronald, the current Chancellor of Sleep. He has 568 more sleeps left in his term:

17. If you fall asleep during a crime, you wake up in court.

18. All sleepwalking people walk toward the same large bed located in central Kansas.


19. Roughly 95 percent of sleep is caused by bedtime.

20. Whenever you have a sex dream about someone, they receive a notification on their phone.

21. Five minutes after going to sleep, you perform one salute. This is for the moon.


22. Bruce gotta sleep: