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5 Absolutely Stunning Examples Of Mathematics In Nature

Are you one of those people who thought you’d never need math after leaving school? Well, whether you like it or not, there’s math everywhere around you. Here are just a few incredible examples of mathematics in the natural world.

1. The Number 1


Long considered important by mathematicians, this number turns up again and again in the natural universe. Snails have one shell, oak trees have one trunk, the earth has one moon, and members of the species Sphyraena have bodies composed of exactly one fish. Amazing!

2. Tall Tree

Never thought trees had anything to do with math? Well, a tall tree is an incredible example of height, one of the essential units of mathematical measurement.

3. Cow Udders


This one’s mind-blowing. All cows have exactly four symmetrically arranged udders so that all the members of the Beatles can drink from them at the same time.

4. Sticks


If you can find a good stick that isn’t too gnarly and doesn’t bow too much, it basically looks just like a minus sign.

5. Oceans And Lakes


Ready for something even more unbelievable? Oceans and lakes are both made of water. Think the math ends there? They also are both home to fish. Incredible!

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