Eating healthy can be difficult, especially when foods that you may think are low in calories are actually full of them! Here are five “healthy” salads that surprisingly contain more calories than a McDonald’s Big Mac.

1. Chicken Caesar Big Mac Salad

While grilled chicken is an excellent protein for healthy eaters, the other elements of this salad are just plain bad for you. Add up the croutons, the creamy dressing, the two all-beef patties, and everything else, and you’re actually looking at over double the amount of calories of a Big Mac.

2. Tuna Big Mac Salad


Tuna may be rich in essential fats, but there’s absolutely nothing essential about mixing in all that mayo and special sauce. Plus, that extra slice of white toast adds just way too many carbs.

3. Kale And Quinoa And Crushed Big Mac Salad


This salad is technically the healthiest one on this list, but once you realize just how many calories you’re getting from the beef, the bun, and the quinoa, you’re looking at enough to add a few inches to your waistline.

4. Tropical Big Mac Fruit Salad


While most fruits are low in calories, bananas and mangos contain a surprisingly high amount. Factor in the natural sugars, as well as over three ounces of red meat, and you’d be shocked to learn how unhealthy this salad really is.

5. Six Big Macs With A Lettuce Leaf Salad


Believe it or not, this classic American salad is worse for you than just about anything you can pick up at McDonald’s. No wonder our obesity rates are at an all-time high.