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5 Ways To Personalize Your New Car

New cars are always fun, but before you start driving yours everywhere, why not break it in and make it your own space? Here’s how.

1. Put your family inside it


Driving around the family that is yours and yours only is a great way to add a personal touch to your vehicle.

2. Change the horn to be the sound of your own voice

Make sure everyone knows who you are. You can even try to customize your horn with yourself saying different phrases, like “Whoa there!” “Move, please!” and “Nice driving!”

3. Window decals


Decals are a fun, cheap way of showing off your personality to other drivers. Consider having ones that say things like “This Is My Car That I Am Driving” or “Beep Beep, My Friend!”

4. Dress it up


Feel like your car just doesn’t look unique enough anymore? Buy it a shirt! Getting your car an XXXXL shirt will make it the coolest car in town!

5. Buy your car its own car


Nothing’s cooler than riding in a cool car, so make your car really look cool by buying your car its own cool car to ride in. Trust us, your car’s new car will have everyone looking differently at your car.

One bonus personalization tip: Display your own name prominently on your car’s rear exterior by legally changing your name to Fiesta. Incredible!


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