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6 Conversations Every Parent Needs To Have With Their Teenager

Before they leave the nest, make time to sit your teen down for these essential life lessons.

1. The “There Are More Chairs In The Basement” Talk: Every young adult needs to know that the number of chairs at the dinner table are not fixed, and that there is a world of seats beyond the dining room. The sooner they can process this, the better off they’ll be in life.


2. Explaining how selling Vemma products can put them in a new BMW: Each team is assigned profit points. Your left and right team members determine points ranking. Vemma beverages contain wildcrafted mangosteen. Mangosteen contains natural xanthones. If you don’t explain this to your teen, who will?

3. The “What’s Puberty Like, Again?” Talk: Most parents are long removed from puberty, so ask your teenage children what the experience is like as a reminder.

4. Telling them there’s a world outside this refrigerator box: It may be uncomfortable, but you don’t want to wait until they’re tall enough that they burst through the top of the box to have this important discussion.

5. Clearing your throat for an hour and then blurting out “Condoms!”: It maybe be awkward, but if you don’t blurt out “Condoms!” to your teen after an hour of coughing and throat-clearing, who will?


6. The “Trains Don’t Know The Time; The Conductors Do” Talk: Prep yourself, because the next hour could be filled with tears and disbelief.

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