Looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon? Why not go to the zoo? America is full of gorgeous zoos with impressive exhibits and no restrictions on what you can yell at the snakes!

1. The Bronx Zoo

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This New York City zoo houses 6,000 animals, most notably a variety of snake that you can walk right up to and yell at about anything.

2. Toledo Zoo

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The Hippoquarium was a welcome update to this historic zoo, but make no mistake: The real draw is and always will be the freedom to shout freely at its snakes.

3. The Fort Worth Zoo

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Locals and visitors alike absolutely love this zoo. And with such lax rules about yelling at snakes, it’s no wonder!

4. The Philadelphia Zoo

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“What’d that snake ever do to you?” It’s a question you’re tired of hearing, and one you’ll never hear at Philadelphia’s sprawling zoo.

5. St. Louis Zoo

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Freshwater snakes, desert snakes, doesn’t matter—you can scream obscenities at any of the snakes here and they’ll just take it.

6. Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo

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If you want to call a snake a “suckhead,” this is the zoo for you.