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6 Jesus-y Things That Were Almost Definitely Not In Erica’s Apartment Last Time

Pretty sure none of this was here, like, two months ago. Hmmm.

1. A book called The Ultimate Gift


Maybe this is just a self-help book or something, but it sounds pretty Jesus-y. The cover says “You were created to do amazing things, but first you must accept the gift.” You would’ve probably noticed this if it was in Erica’s apartment last time. Weird.

2. A string of beads

It’s hard to say whether these are the artsy, hippie kind of beads or the church kind of beads, but either way they’re not really something you’d expect Erica to have.

3. A flyer for the Axis Young Adult Spring Fling


This has got to be a church group, right? It says “a night of bowling, pizza, and fellowship,” and it encourages you to bring friends. Last time you saw Erica she was doing Molly at an Animal Collective show, so something here definitely feels a little off.

4. An inspirational print with a weird foreign word on it


Not sure what this means, but it sounds like a Bible thing. Then again, she’s still got her Sleater-Kinney poster up, so who knows.

5. This poem on her fridge


This totally sounds super religious. Not that there’s something wrong with that or anything, it’s just that Erica definitely wasn’t into this stuff seven or eight weeks ago.

6. A cross-stitched pillow that says “Love is patient and kind”


Okay, no way this was here last time. Something’s definitely going on.

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