The world can be so full of splendorous color if you just slow down, open your eyes every once in a while, and take in a beautiful sunset—and also, if you regularly eat lunch to keep your stomach in check.

1. This glowing sunset, perfectly reflected in the ocean waves, would be the pinnacle of peace and tranquility, but your howling stomach just won’t let that happen, will it?

Wikimedia Commons via Arturo Mann


2. There’s a delicate beauty to a sunset sinking past the city skyline. Delicate, of course, in the sense that it was ruined the second we all heard your stomach make that weird noise.

Wikimedia Commons via John W


3. The sounds your stomach makes when you’re feeling hungry aren’t going to stand in the way of you enjoying this beautiful tableau of color over the—okay, you really should consider keeping some kind of snack on you at all times.

Wikimedia Commons via Luke1ace


4. The soft oranges and gentle yellows of this sunset are beautiful to behold. The loud rumbles and burbling noises your stomach is making are not beautiful to behold, however, and are going to make you wish you didn’t skimp on that picnic.

Wikimedia Commons via Martin Freudenreich


5. This majestic sunset is almost too perfect to be real, but thankfully, the violent moans of your empty stomach can always keep it grounded in an ugly reality.

Wikimedia Commons via Jessie Eastland


6. Isn’t witnessing the sun setting over the city with a date in your arms just picturesque? What better soundtrack to experiencing earth’s magnificent colors with a loved one than the sound of your grumbling stomach. Good thing you didn’t eat lunch today. You’ll definitely get another date out of this, by the way.

Wikimedia Commons via Andy From Pittsburgh


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