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6 Types Of Student In Every College Class

The new school year is right around the corner, and you’ll want to be prepared. Here are six types of student you can expect to see in pretty much any college class.

1. The White One


Yup. Seems like there’s one of these in every class. Usually, this is the person in class with pale skin and black, brown, red, or blond hair. As soon as you encounter The White One, you’ll know right away.

2. The Black One

This is the person who’s always black. You’ll recognize him instantly from his skin color (black). At first, you might accidentally confuse him for The White One, but eventually, you’ll realize that his skin is darker and put two and two together.

3. The Asian One


Whether you’re out on the quad or packed into a lecture hall, you’ll always be able to spot The Asian One. He’ll typically be someone who has a background that somehow connects back to Asia, where lots of other Asian Ones live.

4. The Other Kind Of Asian One


This guy. This one looks similar to The Asian One, but you don’t want to confuse the two. Usually, this person is also from Asia, but is somehow different.

5. The Latino One


If the professor’s taking roll call and you hear a name like Garcia, Rodriguez, or Lopez, chances are you’ve totally got The Latino One in your midst! You’ll probably notice that this person is a little darker than the White One and a little lighter than The Black One, but not always. That’s The Latino One for you!

6. The Indian One


At virtually every college, you’re bound to run into this guy. This is the guy who’s probably got family members from India. If everyone in a classroom represents a different CNN anchor, this guy’s definitely the Fareed Zakaria of the bunch, though it’s hard to really pinpoint exactly why.

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