6 Up-And-Coming Stars You Could Probably Still Get To Come To Your House If You Offered Them Free Supper

Hurry up! These actors could break out at any moment.

1. Mackenzie Davis


This promising young star’s impressive turn in AMC’s Halt And Catch Fire could easily make her one of tomorrow’s A-listers, but for the time being, you could probably get her to come over to your house for a nice goat stew or light pasta.

2. Tom Holland

Tom’s already played opposite the incredible Naomi Watts in The Impossible, but if you sent him an email right now and told him you were cooking some pork tenderloin and that he wouldn’t even have to bring anything, it’s pretty much a lock that he’d be there with his appetite.

3. Chadwick Boseman


You may remember Chadwick as Jackie Robinson in 42, and his career is only trending upward. At 38, he might be a little older than the other actors on this list, but that doesn’t mean he’d turn down some freshly cooked spaghetti squash at your house if you offered. But act quickly if you want to dine with Chadwick in your home; he’ll be portraying Marvel superhero Black Panther in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, which will make him far too famous for your humble dinner offer.

4. Jodelle Ferland


You’ve got some kebabs on the grill and garlic mashed potatoes (skins on) almost ready to go, so why not invite upstart Canadian actress Jodelle Ferland over to share this food with you? Actors may seem unapproachable, but Joelle’s at a stage in her career where she probably wouldn’t mind a night off from cooking, especially after a long day of acting in the hit show Dark Matter.

5. Miles Teller


Okay, so Miles Teller is actually probably a little too big now to come to your house, even if you promise to make him an exotic Polynesian rice dish. A couple of years ago, when Miles was still a student at Tisch, you definitely could have made dinner for him. You might have even gotten him after the premiere of Whiplash, but once the Oscar noms came out, those chances became effectively zero. Still, considering the critical and commercial failure of this summer’s Fantastic Four, you could potentially tempt a vulnerable star with a king-sized helping of salmon à la plancha.

6. Ty Simpkins


Ty starred in Jurassic World alongside bona fide A-lister Chris Pratt, and he certainly has the acting chops for a breakout year in 2016. But as long as it’s still 2015, there’s probably no way he’s going to turn down a dinner invitation, especially because he’s a growing boy! Just be sure to make enough sauerkraut for Ty’s parents, who will likely accompany the 14-year-old actor.

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