Rough and always ready to tumble, these guys are some of the most rugged explorers, hunters, and nature lovers of all time. Check out this list to see how you and some of history’s most beloved outdoorsmen are actually quite alike.

1. Daniel Boone


What do you and American pioneer Daniel Boone have in common? You both have kidneys that filter your body’s blood for waste and extra fluid.

2. Thor Heyerdahl 


The opposable thumbs Thor Heyerdahl used to construct the balsa wood raft he sailed nearly 5,000 miles across the Pacific Ocean are just like the ones you use to operate your electric can opener.

3. Theodore Roosevelt


In addition to being president and creating the national park system, Theodore Roosevelt eliminated waste through his anus. That’s something you could definitely have a conversation with him about.

4. Les Stroud 



Once you and Les Stroud of Survivorman discovered your near-identical body temperature, a lifelong bond would be sure to follow.

5. Roald Amundsen


Both you and Antarctic explorer Roald Amundsen possess a soul, the spiritual and immortal essence of a human being. Or, if souls don’t actually exist, then neither of you have one. The point is, there’s no reason one of you would have a soul and the other wouldn’t.

6. Hugh Glass


Intrepid frontiersman Hugh Glass had a belly button, just like you and me!

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