7 Daredevil Dogs Who Are Unaware They Can Die

These dogs really know how to live! It’s easier when you don’t know that one day, you won’t.

1. This little daredevil is living on the edge. Maybe if his simpler mind understood the basic concept of mortality, he’d be a little more careful.

Via laweekly.com

2. Sticking your head out the car window is worth the risk—ESPECIALLY when you look this cool doing it, and ESPECIALLY when your brain doesn’t have the capacity to process the fragility of life.

Via kucuu.com

3. This little guy is just learning how to have trust and confidence! Hopefully, his owner can teach him that these are both lies we tell ourselves to postpone confronting the inevitable.

YouTube via Peter Valko

4. Hang 10! And hang on to denial about your own finite existence!

Via Time

5. One word: Epic. That’s how vast this dog’s misconception is about his role in an unfeeling universe wholly unaware of the fleeting existence of this or any dog.

Via motorbiker.org

6. Bulldog + trampoline = bliss. Almost as blissful as the ignorance of a creature who can exist solely in the moment instead of in the paralyzing fear that comes with higher consciousness.

Via buckeyeinteractive.com

7. Take a lesson from this dog and live every day like it’s your last. Because—unlike dogs—you know that it might be.

Via iloveskydiving.org

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