7 Generic GIFs That Are Just As Good As The Name Brands

These GIFs aren’t exactly the name-brand ones you wanted, but they’re honestly just as good. If you try them out, we know you’ll love them.

1. Dramatic Mouse

Youtube via iKobalt

We wanted to get you Dramatic Chipmunk, but times are tight. Dramatic Mouse is basically the same thing, but much cheaper.

2. Broom Man

YouTube via National University Golf Academy

Why pay extra for a “Star Wars Kid” GIF when you could have Broom Man? You know, we think Broom Man might even be a little better.

3. A Kid Not Saying “That’s Racist!”

Youtube via Michael Wilkerson

Making the kid say “That’s Racist!” is just how they trick you into paying more. You wanted a GIF of an African-American child, so we got you one. End of story.

4. Jennifer Lawrence

Via jenniferlawrencedaily.tumblr.com

Just try this Jennifer Lawrence GIF and you won’t even be able to tell the difference from the real thing. Just because she isn’t saying something cute or funny doesn’t make it any less good! Don’t be ungrateful.

5. Panda Before The Sneeze

Youtube via Jimvwmoss

Look, we got you the GIF you like. It’s the one with the panda. Okay, sure, this one doesn’t include the part where the baby sneezes and startles the mama panda. But it’s better to have some of the GIF than none of it, right?

6. Riker Facepalm

Youtube via gigglesvideo

Riker facepalming not good enough for you, huh? Your majesty will only watch Picard facepalming! Never mind then. Forget we ever tried to do something nice for you.

7. Nothing


Happy now? You get nothing. With that attitude you don’t deserve any GIFs.

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