7 Gorgeous Libraries Where You Can’t Be Naked No Matter What

Some libraries are just amazing places. Here are seven libraries where the architecture is as inspiring as the literature, and where nudity is absolutely forbidden—no exceptions!

1. Handelingenkamer, Netherlands

Via perpetualtraveleroverseas.com

The Dutch Parliament’s library is a marvel of design. Keep your clothes on, though—unfortunately, that’s just house rules.

2. Boston Public Library, USA

America’s very first municipal library is perennially voted as one of Boston’s most beautiful buildings. However, fair warning: The no-naked policy here is as inflexible as they come.

3. National Library Of China


This gem houses thousands of historical records, with an expert team of friendly, clothed librarians available to help you navigate them…that is, provided you too are clothed!

4. David Sassoon Library, India


The oldest library in Mumbai is renowned for its elegant courtyard garden, but you mustn’t take all of your clothes off—even on your birthday, it is simply not allowed.

5. José Vasconselos Library, Mexico

Flickr via Rosa Menkman

At 409,000 square feet, this place is huge, and on weekdays there aren’t too many people around, so maybe if you created a distraction by setting fire to the building…no, no, you’d still only get 10 minutes to yourself, tops. Not worth it.

6. Nakanoshima Library, Japan

Via tripomatic.com

The neo-baroque style of this landmark influences everything from its striking copper roof dome down to the bathrooms, essentially the only places it’s okay to expose your genitals (and even then, only partially).

7. Victorian State Library, Australia


An impressive collection of Captain John Cook’s folios is one reason you’ll find tourists here of all kinds—young and old, black and white—but, as you may notice, all clothed. That’s because they know they can’t be naked in here. Neither can you, and neither can anyone else.

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