7 Guys Who Have The Nickname ‘Bone Salad’ For Different Reasons

Every nickname tells a story.

1. Kevin “Bone Salad” Delvecchio


Skinny, gangly, and clumsy, Kevin’s constant tangle of long limbs earned him the nickname “Bone Salad” among all of his closest friends.

2. Geoff “Bone Salad” Griggs

After a freeway motorcycle accident left his ribcage shattered, Geoff’s biker buddies sardonically took to calling him “Bone Salad.”

3. Paul “Bone Salad” Griggs


When Geoff passed due to complications from his shattered ribs, his biker buddies kept his memory alive by passing on the mantle of “Bone Salad” to his brother Paul.

4. Anton Racine, A.K.A. “Bone Salad”


The head chef of La Maison du Cheval, Racine’s reputation suffered a permanent blow when a Michelin critic choked on a chicken bone in his Caesar salad and branded him in print with the derisive nickname “Bone Salad.”

5. The Man Known Only As “Bone Salad”


Nobody in his remote Alaskan village has yet mustered the courage to ask this hulk of a man his real name, much less how he got his nickname.

6. Lou “Bone Salad” Phipps


Lou’s resemblance to the cartoon character prompted his college friends to call him “Beavis,” which, over time, became “Beaver,” which became “Cleaver,” which became “Splits,” which became “Bowler,” which became “Bread Bowl,” which became “Soup,” which became “Stoned Soup,” which became “Bone Soup,” which became “Bone Salad.”

7. Ben Salad



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