Perhaps these fantastical abduction tales should be taken with a grain of salt, but who’s to say what actually happened in any of these wild cases below? You can judge for yourself.

1. MichelleSauk County, Wisconsin


Michelle, a largemouth bass, was abducted from Lake Delton in the fall of 1996. She has yet to speak in detail about the event, but notes that she was just out swimming when she came across a furry creature that pierced her mouth and pulled her to a barren environment. We may never know what really happened.

2. CarolineDes Moines, Iowa

Via Wikimedia Commons (By Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez)


It was a day like any other for Caroline the goldfish—floating around the castle, sucking on some rocks—when she heard the rumble. It came from all around the edges of her tank, shaking her to her core. At first, she thought nothing, but then it came again, and in a flurry of bubbles she was whisked out of her cove and into a dry and inhospitable climate, left alone by some greater power to flop around in this strange world. Caroline had resigned herself to death and said goodbye to all her friends, when all of a sudden, she found herself back in her tank, as if nothing had happened.

3. BillPanama City, Florida


Bill, an Atlantic blue marlin, declares to this day that he once struggled for hours against an enormous force before he was pulled onto an otherworldly vessel near the water surface where his mouth was probed by some large metal object he claims they called “pliers.”

4. GaryEly, Minnesota


Now ostracized by his community, Gary, a lake trout hailing from Ely, MN, still stands by his assertion that one dark night, he was lifted out into a world where strange beings proceeded to kiss him while flashing a blinding light in his eyes.

5. MartinPagosa Springs, Colorado


Nobody else believed him, but Martin, a brook trout, maintains he was sucked out of his home in the middle of the day, made to flap around on a waterless surface for a few moments, and then tossed back into the water.

6. SamuelAlbany, New York


This bluegill named Samuel admits it was all a blur, but he came to halfway across the lake from his own upstate New York home, his cheek swollen, torn, and in pain. He’s nearly driven himself mad asking the same unanswerable question: If it was all in his head, where did such an injury come from?

7. LarryCharleston, South Carolina


Larry’s been known to make up stories to impress his friends, and his reputation for spinning quite a yarn hasn’t helped the yellow perch convince anyone that he really did see the world beyond this one—that the hand of God dipped below the sky and seized Larry, drawing him upward into the heavens. His companions are most skeptical of the end of his story, where he says he managed to wriggle out of the Almighty Father’s grasp and fall back to earth, convinced his work here was not yet done.

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