7 Photos Of Harrison Ford’s Ankle In Its Prime

The sad rumor is true: Harrison Ford broke his ankle on the Star Wars: Episode VII set yesterday. But that doesn’t mean we can’t reminisce about all the times when Harrison Ford’s ankle was simply amazing, even if all we have now are these pictures.

You can’t talk about Harrison Ford’s ankle without looking at the original Star Wars trilogy. Face it, Han Solo’s ankles were flawless!

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Just look at this shot from Blade Runner to see how perfect Harrison Ford’s ankle was back in 1982:

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Yup. Another shot of Harrison Ford’s ankle at the top of its game, capable of supporting his body weight and pivoting 360 degrees.

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There it is again! Harrison’s right ankle is absolutely incredible in this action scene with his right foot (pictured directly below). 

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Wow. Just wow. We wish we had a time machine to go back to when THAT was Harrison Ford’s ankle.

YouTube via movieclip.com

Stunning! Here’s Harrison and wife Calista Flockhart in better times, simply unstoppable with all four of their amazing ankles! 


Well, if there’s any silver lining, it’s that Harrison’s pre-injury ankle will be appearing in The Expendables 3, which was already shot when his ankle was still a force of nature. 


Let’s cherish it, because it’s all we have left.

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