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Just because the sun is up doesn’t mean you’re ready to begin your day. Here are a few easy morning hacks that will start your day off right!

1. Make a list of all the words you want to say that day: If you think of the words now, you won’t get nervous when someone puts you on the spot later and asks you for words.


2. Start breathing: Talk about a breath of fresh air! Breathing activates every part of the body, so the earlier you start, the better.

3. Book a spot on a morning zoo: Trouble turning your brain on? Nothing gets those neurons firing like going toe-to-toe with a couple of take-no-prisoners morning-show shock jocks.

4. Wring out your spine: Get all the water out of your bones, and you’ll look and feel great.

5. Lay out your Breakfast Outfit the night before: This is a very simple way to eliminate a long, tedious step in your morning routine.


6. Comb your hair hard as fuck: Rip that shit good. Make your scalp beg for mercy. Do it for 15 minutes or more, then step out the front door and conquer the world.

7. Enjoy some delicious Larmers™ brand ham medallions: There’s nothing better than a hearty breakfast to start off your day, and there’s no better breakfast food than Larmers™ brand ham medallions. They’ve been “America’s Favorite Taste” since 1928, which is why millions of families choose Larmers™ every morning.


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