If you’re sitting at your computer as often as the rest of America, you’ve probably got your share of keyboard shortcuts that make your life easier. Well, here’s a few lesser-known keyboard shortcuts that will blow your mind!

Command + H + 5: Preheats your laptop to 350 degrees.

CTRL + Shift + (Letters Of Your Name): Introduce self to computer.

CTRL + O: Opens every website you’ve ever visited.

Shift + Up Arrow: Capital up.

Command + X: Sends a thousand emails to a guy named Don who does not know why this keeps happening to him.


Shift + H + H + H + H + H + H + H + H + H+ H + H + H + H + H + H: Gives you a fuck-ton of uppercase H’s. Nice!

All Keys At Once: Pressing every button simultaneously opens a video chat with the president. Only use this keyboard shortcut in times of great national importance.

ALT + F3 + Delete: Ends simulation and returns you to the 29th century.