8 Kittens That God Forbid Could Be Used To Prop Up A Wobbly Table

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Only a complete monster would put one of these cuddly cuties under a table leg, but they would definitely work if worst comes to worst.

1. Aww! This little guy is absolutely adorable, and is the exact right size to, heaven forbid, prop up a wobbly table.

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2. Here’s a cute critter that could really anchor a table in place. It would be wrong to use a kitten like that, but you have to admit, he’s got the right body for it.

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3. Sure, we’d try to find something else that can prop up a table, like a phone book or a brick, but we couldn’t rule out this little girl.

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4. This lazy fella is enjoying lounging far too much to go under a table leg! Though in a pinch, he’d do.

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5. This feline friend knows that you can’t just replace a table overnight. It takes days to comparison-shop at different furniture stores and have one delivered. Plus, it’s pretty expensive to buy a new table. If there’s a way to keep using your old table, it would be foolish not to explore that option.

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6. This sleepy dude probably wouldn’t even notice if we put him under an unsteady table for a few hours during a dinner party.

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7. “Hey! I don’t want to prop up a table!” Don’t worry, little fella! We haven’t decided to put you under the table leg, yet. It’s just one possible solution.

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8. So many kitties! Really, what’s one kitten in the grand scheme of things?

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