8 Mortifyingly Embarrassing Moments Every Girl Has During Puberty

BRB…just going to die real quick.

1. Being forced to say “puberty” out loud every time you enter a room.

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2. Having the school nurse send out a warning letter to every parent in your class that you’ve gotten your period.

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3. Accidentally pulling a tampon out of your backpack and trying to use it as a pencil for the first 30 minutes of class.

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4. Trying out for the sixth-grade girl’s basketball team and being placed on the high school boy’s varsity squad as starting power forward.


5. Going down a water slide and being two feet taller when you come up out of the water.

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6. Putting on way too many facial features before a school dance.

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7. Asking your dad to buy tampons in a grocery store and having him respond “tampons?” really loudly over the store’s intercom.

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8. Having the surgeon general walk right into your math classroom to loudly congratulate you on your new hormones.

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