Is your friend’s place basically your home at this point? Check this list to see for sure.

1. You feel free to argue with any family member about how Richard Gere will die: Mom, Dad, little sister Sue—you feel comfortable enough to talk about this hot-button issue with any member of your best friend’s family.


2. Their parents have said they would lie to the military for you: Just like your real parents, they would lie to the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy if need be—no matter what the reason.

3. You have your own straw in their communal beverage bowl: Few things are more intimate than the communal beverage bowl.

4. No one has a problem with you coming into the house unannounced, heading straight for the vents, and spending a few days roaming around: Their house is your house!


5. When they buy a bunch of soil, it’s implied that you’re also gonna get some of that sweet soil: You don’t even have to ask anymore – you just know that soil is coming your way!

6. You can scream “Piss! The word I am screaming right now is the infamous ‘piss’!” in front of them and no one will bat an eye: You guys are past formalities.

7. There’s always a bed made for you, and when you don’t use it, a crash-test dummy wearing a nice suit that they all call by your name does: It’s just nice to know they think of you as someone who dresses well.


8. You’re starting to grow the same scar they all have: It’s only in the beginning stages, but just give it a few months and it will finally be fully formed.