8 Things Never To Say To Creative People

Got creative friends? Well, you won’t stay friends long if they hear you say these things:

1. “It must have been fun spending all day writing.”

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Um, just because your creative friend is spending their day writing/painting/singing doesn’t mean it’s “play time.” Creative work is still work.

2. “You know, it feels like this idea has been done before.”

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Everything has been done before! Creative people know that creating is all about bringing your unique vision to an idea.

3. “I looked it up, and this is just Shirley Jackson’s ‘The Lottery’ copied almost verbatim. Why would you do that?”

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Creative people don’t think about “why”—they just create! That’s what “creative” means!

4. “No, seriously…the concept, the twist ending, even some of the character names. You totally ripped off ‘The Lottery.’”

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This + creative people = fingernails + chalkboard.

5. “You know this is basically the most famous short story ever, right?”

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Creative people don’t care about “fame.” Just art.

6. “Wait, you sent this to The New Yorker? That’s where it was originally published.”

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7. “I read the rest of the stories in your collection, and every one was ‘The Lottery.’ Are you okay?”

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There’s a special kind of migraine creative people get from lines like this.

8. “You’re never going to make it as a writer.”

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Next time, keep your “input” to yourself. Creatives everywhere will thank you!

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