8 Things Only People Who Have Been Inside A Car Understand

It’s a people-who-have-been-in-cars thing. You wouldn’t understand.

1. Trying to move around only to realize you’re strapped to the chair


What is this, prison? Get me out of this thing!

2. Having no idea where the bathroom is

Seriously, where’s the toilet? Can’t hold it in forever.

3. Two words: Indoor. Wind.


Woah. So freaky.

4. Getting inside the car at one place and getting out of it at another


Umm…did I just teleport or something?

5. The tube circle, baby!


It’s the tube that eats itself! You could literally spin this thing round and round all day long and it’d never get old.

6. This.


Need we say more?

7. Yanking on the pilot’s club


Just because you don’t know what it does doesn’t mean you look any less badass doing it.

8. Finally “getting” roads


Ah, so that’s why these things are everywhere!

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