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Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Illustration for article titled 8 Things You’re Totally Not Going To Miss About Living With Roommates

Whether you’re almost about to move out or just dreaming of the day you finally can, here are some things about roomies no one could possibly miss.

1. The constant pressure to make a human pyramid every morning: If you live with two or more people, you’re well acquainted with the constant pressure to take advantage of the number of people in the room by waking up every single morning and making a human pyramid. Not something you’ll have to worry about when you’re finally living on your own!


2. Having to scoop your roommate’s hair out of the drain, make it into a doll, and give it to them as a gift: Feels like every day you’re forced to spend hours crafting a new doll out of their drain hair and then surreptitiously leave it on their nightstand. What a hassle!

3. Listening to them have loud sex with you: We’ve all been there. You’ve gotta wake up early the next day, and you can’t go to sleep over the sound of your roommate having loud, passionate sex with you. C’mon!

4. Having to call your roommate’s parents every night and tell them how well they behaved during the day: That’s one chore no one misses!

5. The constant double-dribbling: Seems like roommates never dribble basketballs properly. Use one hand, not both. It’s not that hard.


6. Fighting over who gets to do the house news: You know you’ve got the chops to do the news right, yet your roommates always sleep under the anchor desk so they can get up and jump in front of the camera before you even wake up. So annoying!

7. The drills: Backward sprints. Suicides. Tuck jumps. Living with roommates can be exhausting.


8. Having someone find you after you die: Ugh!

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