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8 Unique Ways Christmas Is Celebrated Around The Globe

Christmas is celebrated differently everywhere you go! Here are eight countries with especially unique Xmas traditions.

1. Tanzania


While Tanzanians mostly celebrate Christmas the same way we do, there are a few minor differences. For example, rather than placing presents beneath a tree, parents bury them deep underground, and children spend the better part of the next year digging them up.

2. Italy


Beginning Christmas morning, the 10 most pillowy mothers from each Italian village spend the day in the town square, giving hugs to lonely adults who line up there in droves.

3. El Salvador


For Christmas Day only, every man in El Salvador is permitted to refer to himself as “El Salvador,” an act that is normally considered extremely annoying and grounds for imprisonment.

4. Israel


The eight candles of Christmas are lit.

5. Japan


Two Santas are manually inflated until they reach the size of skyscrapers. If good Santa is finished first, there is a festival with a hot dog eating contest and pony rides. If evil Santa is finished first, there isn’t.

6. Ecuador


Mailmen are the stars of the day, and they abuse their power at every turn.

7. Egypt


Children place reindeer antlers on any mummies wandering around.

8. Kosovo


Between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m., Christ himself is let out of the cage they’ve been keeping him in.

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