9 Hunky Photos Of The Dead Man Paul Newman

via The Telegraph

Flashback alert!

1. Just one look at the dead man and you will say “Yes.”

20th Century Fox

2. The dead man is now buried in the ground, and he was once hunky as hell.

3. It feels good to look at Paul Newman, the dead man, furrow his smoking-hot brow.


4. Look! The dead man is shirtless and looking like a total grade-A smokestack stud.

via 20th Century Fox

5. The dead man’s good smile is enough to make anyone’s day.

via nydailynews.com

6. His eyes. His body. His swagger. He had it all. Now he is dead.

via Warner Bros.

7. These are the dead man’s gorgeous curls of hair.

via fanpop.com

8. The dead man was still sexy even closer to the time when he became the dead man.

via ABC

9. The dead man had a hot face and body, but now he is just cold bones.

via moviefanatic.com

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