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9 Snacks Everyone Should Try Right Now, But Only If They’re Planning On Having A Late Dinner

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These amazing snacks can take a serious bite out of hunger, but only as long as it’s an appropriate time to be snacking—you wouldn’t want to ruin your appetite.

1. Cookies


If your stomach’s tied in knots with hunger, these sugary treats are a definite MUST, but only if you’re planning on having dinner at like 9 or 10 or so.

2. Grapefruits

For people looking for healthier snacks, grapefruits are totally doctor approved and totally delicious, but look at how big these things are. They’re gargantuan. It’s going to take at least six hours to be hungry again. Probably best to just skip ’em.

3. Raisins


Healthy, delicious, and fun, there’s NO WAY to pass up these treats. Unless you have reservations for that new Mediterranean place you’ve been meaning to try for a while and you know you’re going to have a heavy meal.

4. Celery And Peanut Butter

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This unlikely combination is a delicious quick snack. It’s so quick and easy to prepare, in fact, that it’s dangerously easy to go overboard and dinner will feel like a real chore. Better to hold off.

5. Beef Jerky


This snacking standby is just way too good to pass up, unless you’re planning on having dinner before 8, in which case you might as well just save some room for that.

6. Energy Bars


These tasty snacks can help anyone who’s feeling a little sluggish, but, now that we think about it, a nap might be better, considering that dinner’s in about an hour.

7. Dried Apricots


Great for on the go, and an excellent source of dietary fiber—but do you really want to explain that you can’t finish your dinner because you filled up on dried apricots, of all things? Imagine actually having that conversation with someone.

8. Sweet Potato Fries


This healthy alternative to the fast food favorite is an incredible snack, but if you think about it, you had a big lunch today and dinner’s pretty soon, so just hold off, you know?

9. Cereal


Breakfast food? For a snack? You bet! Unless it’s almost time for dinner, which it is.

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