A Changed Man: Richard Dawkins Has Converted To Christianity After Watching One Episode Of ‘VeggieTales’

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Die-hard atheists, hope you’re sitting down for this one.

Richard Dawkins may have made his name railing against creationism and intelligent design, but now it looks like he’s finally been moved to believe in a higher power: Richard Dawkins has converted to Christianity after watching a single episode of VeggieTales.


Wow. He truly is a changed man.

Richard Dawkins was babysitting his niece this morning when he became captivated by the episode of VeggieTales that she was watching. Though Richard Dawkins has personally authored a book called The God Delusion and given a TED Talk about the importance of militant atheism, he immediately threw those beliefs out the window when an animated cucumber outwitted some animated peas and knocked down the walls of Jericho. Around 18 minutes into the 30-minute episode, Richard Dawkins had completely renounced his lifetime of staunch atheism and begun to beg God to forgive him for spending his entire life mocking the biblical stories depicted in VeggieTales.

Dawkins’ tweets from earlier today prove just how comprehensive this VeggieTales-inspired spiritual journey has been for the longtime academic:


Absolutely amazing. It truly looks like Richard Dawkins has had a massive change of heart. Only time will tell if his throngs of fans will turn to the lessons of VeggieTales themselves, but there’s no question about it: The power of faith is incredible!

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