Princess Diana

Princess Diana’s death was a horrible tragedy that shocked the world. Now, 20 years later, her family is still feeling the shockwaves of her loss, as Diana’s sons have been forced to sell their home in order to pay off the crippling late fees that she still owes an adult video store.


This is a truly devastating development in an already heartbreaking saga.

Having rented hundreds of pornographic VHS tapes throughout her life without ever returning a single one, Princess Di was issued countless overdue notices by her favorite adult video store during her lifetime that ultimately went unanswered due to her untimely passing. In the two decades since, these notices have racked up an overwhelming £840 million in interest, leaving Diana’s sons, William and Harry, no choice but to sell off their childhood home so that they can help cover their mother’s hefty bill for all of the group sex and pirate-themed X-rated films she checked out and never returned.

While the boys have done everything in their power in recent years to help offset the hundreds of millions in late fees Diana has incurred since her death—from pawning their grandmother’s jewelry to selling off real estate investments their family had once made in Africa and Oceania—the fees have ultimately proven to be too significant to manage, making it necessary for William and Harry to move out of their home and into a much cheaper studio apartment together. Adding insult to injury is the fact that, while the brothers were able to track down and return all of the adult films to avoid additional penalties, their mother had failed to rewind any of the tapes, which resulted in an additional £15 in fees on top of the already staggering £840 million that was owed.

It truly breaks your heart to see Diana’s family struggle to pay off the massive pornography debt she acquired throughout her life, but kudos to William and Harry for all the selfless sacrifices they’ve made. We sincerely hope that the brothers can settle the debt soon and find some closure.


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