Just look at the people in power today. Men hold 71 percent of elected political offices and account for 85 percent of the nation’s CEOs, and yet they make up less than 50 percent of the population. It’s 2015, though, and some things might actually be starting to change, because there’s finally going to be a woman featured on this man’s back tattoo.

Yup. After years of being completely shut out of this male-dominated scene, a strong, powerful woman will now appear on 35-year-old Jeffrey Greene’s back, which illustrates a dramatic battle between heaven and hell. So get ready, because Lady Minerva, a large-breasted mermaid goddess, will take her long-overdue place among established men like Slash and a motorcycle gang of skeletons.


It’s about time!

Other contenders for the honor included a leather-clad angel holding a semi-automatic shotgun and a female version of the devil, two great figures who both inspire and empower.

There’s truly no denying that those already featured on Greene’s full back tattoo are all great men, but seldom are we taught about the strong women who have also helped write our story. Now, mothers will finally be able to show their daughters the topless mermaid on Jeffrey’s back skin and say, “This could be you one day.” Wow.


It’s worth noting, however, that just because we’ve got a woman on this man’s back tattoo, doesn’t mean our fight is over. Perhaps one day, we’ll live in a world where not just one, but multiple strong female figures will be featured in the hellscape. And whether they’re blowing fire from their mouths or just making out with Lady Minerva, hopefully, at that point, adding them won’t even be a big deal.