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What’s in this thing?

A couple loose bottles of caffeine-free soda


Not sure whose these are or why they’re here. Maybe Mom drinks them?

A casserole pan covered with aluminum foil that has a Post-it on it that says “Sunday”

It says “Sunday,” but today is Monday, and we definitely didn’t eat this last night. Weird.

Some medicine in the place where you usually put butter


Dad’s stuff for his knee.

A bag of ham


Unclear how long it’s been in here. Maybe a while.

Red sticky stuff in one of the drawers


Looks like it was probably some kind of juice or something? Gross.

A brand-new box of grape tomatoes


Someone definitely bought these, like, this week. They still have their color and everything. Is someone putting new food in the garage fridge? Why would they do that? Maybe there wasn’t any room in the kitchen fridge. They don’t take up that much space, though. If you tried, you could probably just cram them in there. Very strange that these are in here.

Some non-alcoholic beer


Dad keeps these here for when Uncle George visits.

One single unfrozen orange Otter Pop


Just lying there. Totally unfrozen. Bizarre.

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