A man.

If you’ve ever complained to a brand on social media, then you know that sometimes, they can actually respond in amazing ways. That’s exactly what happened to 54-year-old Bill Hansard, who got stuck at the Minneapolis airport last week: After a canceled flight caused this man to miss his niece’s wedding, he tweeted at Foot Locker asking for $21 to buy walnuts on the dark web and they said no.

Amazing. Can you say “customer service FTW”??

Yep, when United Airlines announced that his flight to his niece’s wedding in Philadelphia had been canceled, Bill didn’t hesitate to speak his mind; he immediately took out his phone, logged onto Twitter, and asked Foot Locker to wire him $21 to buy an unmarked ziplock bag full of walnuts he found on the anonymous dark-web marketplace Silk Road. Luckily, just five minutes later, a representative from Foot Locker randomly found his message, and after consulting with his boss, he tweeted back to tell Hansard that they definitely wouldn’t do that.


Check out their awesome exchange below!

Illustration for article titled Amazing: After A Canceled Flight Caused This Man To Miss His Niece’s Wedding, He Tweeted At Foot Locker Asking For $21 To Buy Walnuts On The Dark Web And They Said No

Even if you’re not into Foot Locker, United Airlines, Walnuts, or the dark web, you’ve 100 percent just got to love it!

Well, amid all the rude Twitter trolls and poorly run corporate accounts out there, this interaction is giving us all the feels. All we can say is, that while we’re sad Bill didn’t make it to his niece’s wedding, we’re so happy that Foot Locker gave him the answer about buying Walnuts on shady internet sites that he wanted. Let’s just say…the internet is totally awesome!


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