Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
A vague mural.

Here’s some news that’ll definitely leave you smiling: Students from Green Pines Elementary School in Colleyville, TX got together and made a giant mural for their school that sends a powerful message about music or hands or something.

Pretty cool! This is a beautiful testament to the power of hands or music or whatever this mural is about!


For the past month, students have spent their art classes, recesses, and even weekends transforming an ordinary brick wall into a beautiful mural that bravely shows the world a stunning depiction of, like, a bunch of handprints with some arms and stuff. It’s a wonderful and poignant comment about how hands can be different colors or maybe about how ending racism will make music louder.

Meanwhile, in the top right-hand corner of this powerful student-made painting, a sun wearing sunglasses would seem to suggest that the students consider global warming to be a real threat, or maybe that the sun is a friendly man that loves to smile in the sky. Also those musical notes are probably involved with the sun somehow. Maybe the mural is about how the sun can sing? Regardless of what these kids were trying to communicate, it’s hard to speculate about what this amazing mural could possibly mean without getting a little misty-eyed.

This mural is a moving reminder that sometimes it takes the innocence of children to teach us some sort of thing about hands or unity or musical hands becoming unified or how the loud sun loves to sing songs about everyone’s hands. Basically, whatever is supposed to be happening here, it’s wonderful.

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