Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
Because All Content Deserves To Go Viral.
2,600 pound Cara Delivigne in Cosmo.

This is one of the most powerful gestures you’ll ever see.

For decades, Cosmopolitan magazine has been guilty of using Photoshop to perpetuate unrealistic and unhealthy body standards to millions of women and girls. But it appears they’ve finally realized the error of their ways, and they are rebalancing the scale in an amazing and decisive way: Cosmo is making up for years of photoshopping models to be thinner in one fell swoop by photoshopping Cara Delevingne into a 2,600-pound behemoth.


What a beautiful way to apologize for years of a toxic, socially regressive practice!

In a decision that wipes the slate clean and absolves Cosmo of its past mistakes, the magazine’s July 2017 issue features Cara Delevingne photoshopped to tower over two-story buildings and weigh more than the previous 30 Cosmo cover models combined. It’s an inspiring sight to see a company like Cosmo admit fault and atone for its misleading photoshops of size 0 waistlines by making Cara’s waistline the length of a football field.

Welcome back to the progressive fold, Cosmo! You guys are great!

By morphing the queen of brows into a mound of flesh so impossibly massive that she only vaguely resembles the shape of a human being, Cosmo has erased all of the negative feelings ever directed its way over shaving a few pounds off of a supermodel. What’s even more amazing is that Cosmo didn’t settle for making Cara only 1,500 pounds. They went above and beyond in making her weigh over a ton—larger than any human ever physically could be—sending a powerful message that there’s no place for photoshopping models to be thinner unless you plan to make up for it by someday photoshopping one of them to be the size of a small moon.


All of the disgraceful 5- to 10-pound digital tummy tucks Cosmo’s graphic artists made over the years are wonderfully undone by this one hulking photoshop of Delevingne. When impressionable teen girls look at this month’s issue, they will see a beautiful woman photoshopped to be the size of several mid-class SUVs, which will undoubtedly undo the body image anxieties and self-hate that any previous issue of Cosmo may have created.

And just in case you think this is a one-time publicity stunt, Cosmo’s editor-in-chief promised that, should the magazine ever revert back to its old ways, they’re already working on a photoshop of a 4,000-pound Bar Refaeli, which they’ll release in 2030 to atone for all the slimming photoshops they’ll publish in the coming decade. Amazing!


Good on you, Cosmo, for taking responsibility for your actions and righting some wrongs. If you’re one of the many people blown away by this gesture, be sure to go out and buy Cosmo’s latest issue. After something this beautiful, they deserve our thanks.

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