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Brush With Fame: This Lucky Coffee Shop Patron Got To Watch A Legendary Former Employee Catch Up With The Barista

Sometimes you’re simply in the right place at the right time, and it looks like Hartford, Connecticut’s own Natalie Tierney just learned that firsthand. The lucky coffee shop patron just hit the jackpot of the week by being in the perfect position to watch a legendary former employee come into the café and catch up with the barista at the counter!

Wow. It’s not often that you get a real glimpse of royalty, and it sounds like this run-in with fame was about as good as it gets.


Natalie was sitting at her normal table by the barista’s bar when she heard a commotion by the front door and looked up from her architecture coursework. Just then, a woman sporting a beanie, a denim jacket, and an ear-to-ear smile was walking toward the register with outstretched arms, prompting the barista to excitedly gush, “Oh, my god, Lindsay! What are you doing here?” The former top latte dog wasted no time in coolly cruising to the counter, leaning down both forearms by the big stack of cups with the confidence of someone who used to own the place, and responding, “I had to stop by to check in on my favorite people. How’s everything been?”

From there, the two dove into a pretty long catch-up session since there wasn’t too long of a line, and it all happened right in front of Natalie’s eyes. As far as brushes with fame go, being this close to a high-caliber celebrity is pretty tough to beat.

For the rest of the conversation, Natalie was right in the thick of this once-in-a-lifetime experience, gathering that Lindsay had quit the barista gig a few months back so she could really focus on getting her band to record a full-length, which was a really fun experience overall even though she definitely missed everyone back at the coffee shop. After getting an espresso totally on the house from her former coworker, Lindsay went on to ask if Mikey was still working there before learning that he finally got fired, like, two months ago, which was way longer than Lindsay thought he would’ve lasted.

Whether the coffee shop legend was asking the barista what she ended up deciding about going back to school or was playfully ragging on one of the new employees for their underwhelming latte art, Natalie took in the six-minute interaction from the perfect vantage point, getting a story she’ll be telling at parties for the rest of her life and leaving with an experience reserved for the luckiest of the lucky.


Wow. A story like this just goes to show, you never know when you’re due for a run-in with fame. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled from now on!

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