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If you’ve got a mom who embarrasses you from time to time, you’re gonna get pretty jealous when you hear this story. Brunswick, MD resident Angela Walker just became a mom, and not only is she cooler, funner, and trendier than most parents, she’s also 19 years old!

That’s right! Angela was born in 1996 and is just one year out of high school. So while most moms are barely finding their bearings on Facebook, Angela’s online every day tweeting about Vampire Weekend and A$AP Rocky and Instagramming some #nofilter pics to her 1,289 followers.


Bet you wish your mom had that many Instagram followers!

Even cooler? Angela’s parents are only in their 40s. Can you imagine having grandparents young enough to go to concerts and play sports? Cool mom. Cool grandparents. Angela’s son is totally going to be killing it when he gets to school!

Of course, we all love our moms, but when it comes to the #CoolestMomEver contest, Angela’s definitely got the competition beat!

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