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Culture Shock: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Mindhunter’


All 10 episodes of Netflix’s new serial-killer drama ‘Mindhunter’ are available now, and there’s never been a better time to binge your way through it. Here’s everything you need to know about David Fincher’s new series if you’re thinking about watching!

The show was designed so you can jump into the series without having murdered anyone: Never murdered someone before? No worries! Thanks to David Fincher’s amazing directing skills, viewers can easily understand the whole plot of Mindhunter even if they haven’t snapped and decided to murder a series of young women in a small California town.


To establish the show’s late-1970s time period, Jimmy Carter can be seen in the background of every shot biting into an Alka-Seltzer tablet: The drugs, the hippie clothing, Jimmy Carter choking on a giant antacid pill and immediately falling to the ground in the middle of an interrogation scene—does anything scream ’70s more?

Each episode lasts for anywhere between 30 and 60 minutes, which is the range of time it takes real-life cops on average to catch a serial killer: In many episodes, the murderer gets caught even faster than that, so the rest of the time has to be filled in with fluff like boring love scenes.

The show takes place in 1977, when serial killing was still legal: Things were so much freer back then!

Netflix launched a major ad campaign urging fans to come forward as the Zodiac Killer: According to the bumpers at the end of each episode, if you killed several men and women in Northern California and are subsequently taunting police with a series of cryptic clues, Netflix wants to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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