A lion jumping out of a boat into Lake Michigan

The arrival of Asian carp to Lake Michigan has wreaked havoc on the lake’s native fish population, water quality, and food chain. But while the fight to protect each species’ natural habitat can feel like an uphill battle, all you Earth-lovers out there can take heart with this piece of incredibly encouraging news: The Environmental Protection Agency has released thousands of lions into Lake Michigan to curb the invasive carp population.


Right on! It’s great to see this issue finally receiving the attention it deserves.

“By tossing 3,000 African lions, nature’s fiercest carnivores, into Lake Michigan, we have taken decisive action to destroy the invasive carp population in this delicate ecosystem,” explained Kevin Gold with the Illinois office of the EPA. “The lions have since gone below the surface, and our team of experts predicts that they are currently swimming in cooperation to hunt the invasive fish down and eliminate them from the ecosystem.”

The awesome news is that, as opposed to chemicals, electrical fields, or man-made barriers, which can harm native species and have a negative effect on the environment, releasing lions into an ecosystem where they can quickly become the apex predator is an all-natural tactic that researchers say will just as effectively eliminate invasive fish. What’s even more amazing is that the experts are guessing that when the lions finish off the fish, they will then eat each other, ensuring that the lions never become a habitat problem themselves.

Yes! It looks like residents on and around Lake Michigan can finally rest easy knowing the lake is full of lions working to restore the ecosystem! Here’s to hoping the lions’ introduction to Lake Michigan proves to be a mutually beneficial relationship for years to come.


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