Here are seven incredible lakes that are making major headway for drowning equality.

1. Wuhua Hai

Talk about a win for inclusivity. This lake is not only breathtaking, but it welcomes both men and woman to drown, and that’s about the best thing ever!

2. Lake Michigan


This enormous Midwestern lake offers people of any gender plenty of places to drown. What an inspiration! Truly, a lake for the 21st century.

3. Jackson Lake


More progressive than most lakes, Jackson Lake is a place where two women can take each other’s hands, walk into the unspoiled waters, and drown together. Simply beautiful.

4. Stanley Lake


Wow. Women in this lake sink all the way to the bottom as their final breaths bubble up to the water’s surface just like men do. Now that’s progress!

5. Lake Maggiore


It shouldn’t be anyone else’s business what body of water someone chooses to drown in. Thanks to lakes like this, modern women have more and more places to drown without judgment. And it’s about time.

6. Crater Lake


Located far from civilization, where no one’s going to stop you from drilling a hole in the ice and drowning no matter what your gender or race. The way it should be.

7. Lake Como


It’s a wonder this gorgeous lake isn’t completely filled to the brim with dead men and women of all colors, shapes, and backgrounds. It will happily drown everyone and anyone. It’s the lake that all other lakes should strive to be.