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Feminism In Action: This Man Loves Women So Much He Lives In A Compound With 17 Of Them

It’s one thing to talk about feminism, but it’s another to live by it. Get ready to be inspired, because this guy loves women so much, he decided to take his feminism to the next level: Now he lives in a compound with 17 of them!

When Russell Harkin founded the Order of Supreme Transformation in 1994, he knew he wanted to do things differently. Russell set out to create a different kind of community for women, and the results are simply amazing.


This isn’t your everyday compound—women run things here! Russell knows women are capable of so much more than traditionally female jobs, so he makes sure women are involved in every aspect of the compound. Whether it’s training with high-powered rifles on the firing range, scraping deer skins clean, or tattooing the date of the Cataclysm on the back of each member’s neck, Russell makes sure that if there’s work to be done, there’s a badass lady doing it.

With such amazing, hardworking women around, he’s lucky to call them all his wives!

Russell believes women can do anything a man can do, so he’s even taken the time to teach them all the Seven Signposts to Ephemeral Harmony. It looks like receiving the Supreme Whisper isn’t just for men anymore! Having kids doesn’t mean these women have to put their careers on hold, either. Aside from the two days per month when they visit the Room of Children, these moms are free to complete their preparations without missing a beat.

Russell isn’t threatened by the strength of these females; he welcomes it. In fact, he’s even talked about how it shall be a woman who rises as the Courier of the New Epoch, and that it is destined to be so. Feminism FTW!


Wow, Russell’s story just proves that men can be amazing feminists too! What an incredible way to make sure women are involved in the Great Replenishment. Russell has already done so much for these women, and it sounds like this is only the beginning. August 7, 2018, can’t come soon enough!

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