Finding Purpose: When Doctors Told This Woman She’d Never Walk Again, She Made It Her Mission To Ensure No One Else Would Either

When Diana Kardum got the diagnosis, it didn’t look good. No one could have expected that a simple slip in the shower could have turned out so dire, but that’s when Diana’s amazing spirit kicked in: When doctors told Diana she’d never walk again, she made it her mission to ensure no one else would either.

Wow. This is simply courage personified.

Most people would be thinking about their own problems after learning they’ll be in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, but not Diana. She immediately began planning how to make sure everyone else would also be unable to use their legs, so they wouldn’t think they are fucking better than her. It’s a true testament to her incredible resolve that within seconds of getting her heartbreaking diagnosis, she was batting a stool at her doctor’s in an attempt to get him to trip and hit his neck on the counter and sever his spinal column at the neck.


Some people just have a gift at finding the silver linings in things.

With her amazing glass-half-full perspective, Diana is working to improve her situation by bringing every able-bodied person down to her level. Instead of turning inward after becoming paralyzed, she is focusing on immobilizing the world around her, until society has to be built exclusively for people in wheelchairs, because, in Diana’s words, “If I can’t have legs, than nobody fucking can.”

Wow. Truly words to live by.

Here’s hoping Diana’s passion keeps her going strong, and given how much research she’s done into the exact force required to perforate the spinal column, we have no doubt she’ll one day reach her goal of ridding the world of walking all together. Thank you, Diana, for showing us what the human spirit is capable of!


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