Poland Spring plastic bottles filled with apple juice.

While bottled water companies make big claims about the quality and purity of their products, to most people, water is water. That’s why Poland Spring’s latest marketing move puts it way out ahead of the pack. In a stroke of pure genius, Poland Spring has started putting apple juice in its bottles because it tastes better.

We honestly can’t believe nobody had thought of that yet.

Poland Spring’s latest marketing blitz comes after the veteran bottler realized that, while water tastes fine, apple juice definitely tastes better. Poland Spring hasn’t changed the recognizable design of its bottles or labels, but it has replaced the water inside with 100 percent lip-smacking apple juice, giving its customers a deliciously sweet flavor as opposed to the boring taste of water. While competitors like Evian and Dasani are still stuck in the past with regular water, Poland Spring seems to be showing everyone how it’s done.


The bottler put out a press release alongside its new ad campaign, highlighting why it’s pursing this bold new direction:

“Filling our bottles with apple juice was a real no-brainer for us, because it tastes much better. Water doesn’t really taste like anything. Apple juice is sweet, and it probably has some vitamins, because it’s from fruit. Also, apple juice has water in it, so you’re even getting water, too, along with the apple juice.”

These new apple juice–­filled water bottles are already hitting shelves, so if you can’t wait to check Poland Spring’s claims for yourself, you’re in luck.

Very cool. Looks like Poland Spring just set the new gold standard for marketing genius!


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