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Giving Back: Eddie Murphy Is Donating His ‘Nutty Professor’ Fat Suits To Burn Victims To Give Them A Second Chance At Life

Eddie Murphy’s made a career of bringing smiles to people’s faces, and now he’s about to brighten your day for an uplifting new reason: The big-hearted SNL alum has chosen to donate all the fat suits from The Nutty Professor movies to burn victims to give them a second chance at life.

Incredible! Giving back to the community is one thing, but this here is some next-level celebrity altruism.


Murphy recently announced that he’d be gifting all of the fat suits from his multi-character performance as the Klump family to the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors, a group support center for people recovering from fire injuries. In doing so, he hopes his foam-padded spandex outfits give these brave individuals a renewed self-confidence to get back out in the world and make a fresh start.

Wow. It’s so touching to see that Eddie Murphy doesn’t just believe burn victims deserve a shot at leading happy and normal lives; he’s taking action to make it a reality.

“When I realized these flesh prosthetics were only collecting dust, I saw an opportunity to do something special,” said Murphy. “I have a lot of good memories wearing these fat suits and it’s hard to give them up, but to know that a brave burn survivor will be able to put on the Papa Klump fat suit and get a new lease on life? That’s what it’s all about.”

Just yes. What a beautiful gesture, and one that’s bound to make a life-changing impact on its recipients. You’re a class act, Eddie!


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