An old lady in a bed.

When Grandma was diagnosed with a terminal illness, it was important to make her feel as comfortable as possible. But after being given little time to live, grandma’s ambitions got the better of her: Grandma just started watching Sons Of Anarchy in hospice, which is pretty optimistic considering there are seven seasons.

Seriously? Good luck, lady. There’s no way you’re finishing that long-ass show before you pass away.


We kid you fucking not, Grandma’s gotten way too ambitious in her end-of-life facility and seriously thinks that she’s going to make it through all 92 hour-long episodes of Sons Of Anarchy before she croaks. There’s a reason the doctors recommended hospice care, and it’s not because they think she has the time to work her way through a sweeping television epic about outlaw motorcycle gangs in California. Grandma better be planning on pulling a couple of all-nighters where she knocks out an entire season in one sitting, because that’s the only way this delusional woman is getting all the way through this show before she’s six feet under.

“There’s so much drama and the characters are very interesting, so I’m excited to find out what happens next!” Grandma said when questioned about her insane choice to start watching Sons Of Anarchy even though she’s clearly bit off more than she can chew on this one. “I ordered the whole show on DVD so I can see the whole story from beginning to end!”

Yeah, okay, Grandma, whatever you say.

You’ve really got to wonder what the hell Grandma was thinking when she decided to start streaming the pilot of this show with such a short life expectancy hanging over her head. Here’s hoping she’s planning on waking up bright and early tomorrow to start watching a bunch of Sons Of Anarchy, because she just entered a race against the clock that she’s unlikely to win.


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